Geoffroy de Clisson

- Geoffroy de Clisson, a French national, has more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energies sector.
- He worked for seven years as an M&A Manager at Dalkia (Veolia Energy)
- He is skilled in the development and the financing of energy projects : acquisitions, assets divestment, PFI (or PPP) financing, fundraising, renewable energy projects acquisitions and financing
- Geoffroy has a strong experience in strategic analysis, financial modeling and project structuring
- He has various references in France and abroad : USA, Canada, China, India, Baltic Countries, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Egypt…
- Geoffroy is co-founder and active member of Institut Walden for energy transition
- He graduated from ESSEC and has a PhD in Philosophy from La Sorbonne, Paris


Partner - Transactions, Financing

Laurent Laporte, CFA

Laurent expertise is based on 15 years of experience in the industry, first at EDF, then at Nordex developer and manufacturer of wind turbines and at Eurocape / LongWing Capital a developer and investment fund in renewable energies.
- Laurent has a strong experience in private equity investments with successful acquisitions of many wind and solar assets in France as well as their financing. He also has audited several hundreds of MW of renewable infrastructure across Europe and the US with particular focus on France, Poland, Italy and Ukraine.
- Laurent Laporte is holder of the financial certification CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) of the CFA Institute promoting ethics and competence in finance, holder of a PhD in environmental sciences from École des Ponts ParisTech and has engineering degrees from the École Centrale de Lyon and the Technical University of Berlin


Partner - Transactions

Matthieu Fiocconi

- Matthieu has more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector with renowned
players in the sector (POWEO, Nass&Wind, Greenservices Group, Envinergy).
- He has held key positions both in M&A and in more operational functions (CEO of company
providing turnkey installation ans O&M services on solar photovoltaic power plants, Director of Development, etc.)
- These different experiences have allowed him to acquire a solid knowledge of the different phases of a renewable energy project and to build a strong network within this ecosystem;
- Matthieu holds an Executive MBA from HEC and a Masters in Chemistry


Managing Director - Financing

Jean-Pascal Orcel

- Jean-Pascal Orcel is a seasoned financier with 20 years of experience in the financing of capital-intensive infrastructure sectors like Energy, Telecommunication, in France and internationally
- He has been Managing Director within the Ministry of Energy, two banks (15 years at Credit Lyonnais and ING Bank), and within the energy sector (9 years at Eolfi Asset Management, Dalkia-Veolia Environment and Vadefi)
- Jean Pascal is a graduate from l’Ecole Polytechnique, Telecom Paritech, Les Mines


Director - Business Development

Jacques Thomine-Desmazures

- Jacques Thomine-Desmazures has been Account Manager for various software publishers. He especially contributed to the development of Oodrive, a cloud storage solution.
- Jacques has been managing the development of Green Cape Finance for than four years Jacques is in charge of the definition of the commercial strategy of the company and manages the key accounts of Green Cape Finance
- From a commercial background, he is skilled in the sourcing of high potential companies and renewable energy projects


Senior Advisor International Transactions - Market Studies

Jérôme Davant

- For more than ten years, Jérôme has been an expert in prospecting emerging markets in Central Asia, India, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Central Europe
- Jérôme is also an expert in development strategies, project support and international advice (investment protection, company law, contract law, intellectual property…). He focuses on pharmaceutical and energy sectors
- Jerôme is co-founder and active member of Institut Walden for energy transition
- He has a PhD in law and is admitted to the Paris bar


Senior Advisor - Offshore Wind

Jean-Christophe Chomette

- Jean Christophe was Director of Iberdrola France and Germany in 2011 and 2012. As such, he chaired the operation of 400 MW of onshore wind farms and responded to the first offshore tender in France for St Nazaire and St Brieuc (obtaining the 500 MW St Brieuc wind farm with the Adwen turbines, capex € 2 billion, opex € 70 million, turnover € 350 million)
- He was also an ADEME expert in 2011 for the concentrated photovoltaic CPV sector and member of the SER (French Association of Renewable Energy Companies) Board of Directors
- Jean Christophe has extensive experience in techno-economic studies related to solar, wind, offshore wind farms, hydropower, biofuels, biomass and energy storage projects
- Jean-Christophe is a graduate of ENSEA and ESSEC

Senior Advisor - Advisory Board

Pierre Schoeffler

- Pierre Schoeffler, a French national, has more than 25 years experience in investment banking
- As the head of Handelsbanken Markets in France for 14 years he established the bank as the undisputed leader M&A advisory between France and Scandinavia. Prior to this he was a corporate finance executive at Crédit Commercial de France Paris (now HSBC France)
- Pierre, who speaks fluent Swedish, is a graduate from l'École Polytechnique in Paris and has a master of science in applied mathematics

Senior Advisor - Advisory Board

Sebastian Tham

- Sebastian Tham, a Swedish national, has spent more than 30 years in international M&A
Prior to founding Vega Invest in 1994, Sebastian worked for Banexi and thereafter Banque Paribas in Paris where he was responsible for European M&A. Before this he was a senior corporate finance executive at Hambros Bank in London
- Sebastian has an MBA from INSEAD and is a graduate from the Stockholm School of Business Administration